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From streamlining supply chains to entering new markets, data and business intelligence are the key to a better future. We partner with our clients to understand their business imperatives and leverage intelligence platforms into their decision-making process. We can help deliver modern data platforms, beautiful dashboards, and game-changing AI solutions grounded in strategic thinking—unlocking new opportunities to cut costs, fasten decision-making, and win customers’ loyalty.

Platform Expertise

How We Help

Data Capture

Develop business processes and infrastructure to capture the data you need to better service your customers

Platform Integration

Eliminate silos and centralize data to ensure firm-wide alignment and fasten decision-making

Data Wrangling

Turn raw, unstructured data into usable forms ready for real-time analytics and visualizations

Visualization & Analytics

Build dynamic KPI dashboards to measure performance and communicate with external stakeholders

Predictive Modeling

Build machine learning algorithms to forecast inventory, optimize revenue model, and enhance customer loyalty

Tailor-made Solutions

If existing platforms are not meeting your needs, we will help you design, develop, and implement systems tailored to your needs

Recent Project

Firm-wide KPI Analytics for
Large International Food Franchise

Alphabridge worked with a large international food franchise to turn raw, unstructured customer data into powerful visualizations using Microsoft Power BI. The visualizations were accessible by all branch managers as part of their weekly meetings to plan operating budgets, evaluate growth, and determine revenue-enhancement opportunities. 

Platforms used:

  • Microsoft Power BI
  • Microsoft Excel
  • SQL Server

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