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Paying the right price

Be it planning an acquisition, resolving a dispute involving joint venture partners or raising funds to expand core capabilities, companies will need to understand what drives value so they can make sound decisions for the stakeholders involved. Our Business Valuation practice is created to specifically meet this need.

D etermining value not only requires analytical rigor, but also in-depth understanding of how a company operates, what its core competencies are, and how the intangible and tangible assets fit together to make the company what it is. In this context, valuation is both an art and a science. Consequently, we take a holistic view to valuation, taking into consideration not only cash flow and growth profile, but also factors such as company culture, brand value, and customer loyalty into account so you are able to accurately reflect what your company is worth and maximize value for all stakeholders involved.

“It’s simply to say that managers and investors alike must understand that accounting numbers are the beginning, not the end, of business valuation.”

– Warren Buffett

Standalone Valuation

A standalone valuation is used when companies are looking to raise capital or prepare for a sale. We work with management teams to provide our opinion of what the company is worth taking into consideration cash flows, growth profile, market position, risks, and other factors that drive value.

Merger Synergies Valuation

When contemplating a merger or acquisition, perhaps the most important question is what synergies can the merged entity expect out of the transaction. We help both targets and acquirers to not only determine this value but also the best way to capture it post-transaction.

Equity Story & Marketing Materials

Sellers need a convincing pitch that reflects the market environment, firm situation, and investor needs. Alphabridge can assist in that process by preparing the equity story, information memorandums, management presentations, road shows, and other transaction documents.

Business Plan Validation

We can help sellers develop and validate the asset’s business plan so that it is bankable before it goes out to bidders. This process identifies operational value levers and pinpoints areas within the company that may need improvement prior to going to market.

Term Sheet Analysis

Interpreting a term sheet can be an arduous process given arcane terms and complexities inherent in some deal structures. We help companies simplify these documents and develop models to analyze the capitalization table pre- and post-deal, so selling shareholders can make informed decisions and pick the deal that generates the most value for them and their company.