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Getting into your competitor’s head

Competitive intelligence (CI) is about being mindful of the dynamics in your industry and anticipating change before they occur. Our CI practice is designed not to help our clients undercut competition, but to help them mitigate the possibility of being disrupted by competition, discover risks before they become apparent, and capitalize on opportunities before they are taken away.

C ompetitive Intelligence involves gathering and analyzing actionable information about industry rivals and changes that are imminent in the marketplace. It requires thinking ahead and planning for the unexpected, so you are not blindsided by disruptive forces. As part of our competitive intelligence practice, we help companies synthesize information from public and non-public sources to assess the moves being made in their industries and how they can best prepare for those moves.

“To fight and conquer in all our battles is not supreme excellence; supreme excellence consists of breaking the enemy’s resistance without fighting. ”

– Sun Tzu

Tactical Intelligence

For organizations looking for immediate inputs into issues such as warding off intense competitive pressures, entering new markets, or capturing more market share, we step in to help conduct a thorough analysis of the business landscape, competitor’s offerings, and market gaps so you can better understand and navigate oppositional forces.

Strategic Intelligence

For executives concerned by long-term issues such as key risks and opportunities facing their enterprise, we step in to help gather the intelligence they need to build a more defensible business model and capitalize on opportunities that their competitors are ignoring.

Competitive Induction

We believe our business and financial modeling expertise puts us at an advantage when it comes to CI. Our ability to dissect a business down to its fundamental drivers and our understanding of pricing and cost structures enable us to gain visibility into the financial position of our clients’ competitors that are highly insightful to any CI session.