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Increase market visibility

Equity research is an essential function in the capital markets as it facilitates information flow between the investing public and the company. With greater information flow comes greater market awareness, enhanced shares liquidity, and increased exposure to institutional investors. Our Equity Research practice is designed specifically to help companies achieve these goals.

B uilding on our corporate finance expertise, we help small- to mid-cap companies gain exposure to institutional investors through in-depth research coverage and analysis. Our rigor and objectivity are recognized in the market and having us cover your company can yield the following benefits.

“You can’t be seen if you are not visible.”

– Unattributed

Greater Liquidity

Small- to mid-cap companies can often find it difficult to communicate their growth opportunity, which hinders their ability to attract capital that in turn leads to depressed share price and inactive trading. Having an independent analyst coverage can tremendously improve liquidity in this context.

Exposure to Institutional Investors

Our Equity Research practice is designed to help companies gain exposure to institutional investors. As such, we are critical in determining which stocks to add to our coverage list to ensure that they are suitable for institutional sponsorship.

Rigorous and Objective

We are known for our in-depth and intellectually rigorous research. As such, we have created trusted relationships with brokers, bankers, and portfolio managers. Research coming from conveys a positive signal to the public.

Global Distribution

All of our research are widely distributed by all the major financial terminals such as Thomson Reuters and S&P Intelligence.