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Driving portfolio growth

Private equity has changed. An industry once known for levering a business and cutting costs to drive IRR has become a source of value creation, inspiration to disciplined investing, and role model for operational efficiency. Consequently, we have dedicated Private Equity Services as one of our consulting practices to meeting the needs of a private equity investor.

W e understand the dynamics involved in private equity investments and the key to making the relationship between investors and investees fruitful. As an independent third-party, our Private Equity Services practice is designed to ensure alignment between investors and investees. We work closely with PE firms and their portfolio companies to drive sustainable growth, design winning business models, and optimize operational efficiencies that benefit all stakeholders involved. Here is how we help.

“To be a successful CEO, over long periods of time, you need to do two things well – you have to optimize the profits of the business you are running and you then need to invest or allocate those profits.”

– William Thorndike

Financial Due Diligence

Our rigorous analysis and modeling expertise helps investors with:

  • evaluating target revenue and receivables quality
  • assessing the quality of a target’s earnings including the identification of non-recurring events, material balance sheet items, and other factors that impact EBITDA
  • identifying key business drivers, trends in profitability and associated risk factors

Portfolio Company Performance Enhancement

We work closely with management teams and investors to:

Exit Support

We work with entrepreneurs and management teams to prepare for a maximum-value exit by:

  • developing coherent offering memorandum and business plans to communicate with bidders and financers
  • determining valuation and evaluating term sheets from buy-side advisors
  • assessing dilution impacts on cap table of new investment capital