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The analytical firepower
for quantamental managers

For most of history, fundamental analysis has been the backbone of alpha generation. Portfolio managers and analysts spend most of the time talking to management teams and researching companies in their universe, tracking balance sheets and cash flows to make investment decisions. Quantitative strategies such as factor timing and statistical arbitrage, on the other hand, were relatively unknown, although the strategy has proven to be equally effective with regards to alpha generation.

Platform Expertise

How We Help

We believe a portfolio manager need not strictly confine his investment style to either strictkyl

work with portfolio managers looking to marry their fundamental investing approach with our quantitative expertise

Area of focus

Efficient Portfolio Construction

Develop business processes and infrastructure to collect the data you need to better service your customers.

Platform Integration

Eliminate silos and centralize data to ensure firm-wide alignment and fasten decision-making.

Data Wrangling

Turn raw, unstructured data into usable forms ready for real-time analytics and actionable visualizations.

Visualization & Analytics

Build dynamic real-time KPI dashboards to fasten reporting cycles and make better decisions.

Predictive Modeling

Build machine learning algorithms to forecast inventory, optimize sales, and enhance customer loyalty.

Tailor-made Solutions

If existing platforms are not meeting your needs, we will help you design, develop, and implement systems tailored to your needs.

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