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Forward-thinking | Bold | Ambitious

While we serve clients from all types of industries and stages, the common traits that our clients share are that they are change-oriented, forward-thinking companies with ambitious goals and ingenuity. They value outside opinion that is rigorous and unbiased. More importantly, they want to do what is best for their business and are not afraid to make bold changes.


We work with entrepreneurs and young businesses to design defensible business models, determine optimal pricing structures, assess market size, provide transaction support, and align finance with strategy, so they can scale profitably with confidence.


From finding ways to optimize shareholder return to determining the viability of capital projects and designing actionable KPI analytics, we step in at these critical junctures to empower C-suite executives with robust analyses that they can rely on to execute their most ambitious goals.

Investment Banks

We work with independent investment banks and other financial intermediaries to quarterback all their analytical needs. From building merger models to putting together financing packages, we are able to turnaround quickly to meet transaction timelines and client objectives.

Real Estate Developers

We want developers to focus on building their masterpiece while we handle all their transaction structuring, modeling, and reporting needs. We work closely with developers to understand their project from the ground up, helping them analyze cap rates, debt structures, and return waterfalls, as well as providing transaction support at every stage of the development process.

VC & PE Funds

We work closely with venture capital and private equity funds to not only support their investment analyses but also to help their portfolio companies execute strategies and increase shareholder value. From capital raising to designing business models to finding new markets to enter, we are there to quarterback all their analytical needs.

Portfolio Managers

As the world becomes increasingly complex, earning alpha consistently is a challenge for any portfolio manager. Using our strong modeling and capital markets foundation, we help PMs backtest, refine, and marry quantitative with fundamental strategies in a systematic, data-driven manner.